Autism is a changing idea

Mitchell's Life with Autism

I believe that I can do what neurotypical people do, but I need to do things in a different way. I see autism as a gift that I have been given. People see it and feel bad. I get to do things no one else can such as, see therapists that think I am amazing and go on trips to learn about RPM. RPM stands for rapid prompting method and was created by Soma Mukhopadhyay. It is a way of communicating and learning. I use a letter board to speak because I am non-verbal. It has given me a voice beyond what I could have imagined. People have tried to make me communicate in different ways before, but I couldn’t stand the limitations.

There are many methods and ideas surrounding autism. I feel that intellectual handicaps with autism are over diagnosed because we can’t speak. If you couldn’t speak, would…

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